China Cabinet Glass Replacement

How to go about china cabinet glass replacement.

When my wife and I purchased our china cabinet (used from my in-laws) about 10 years ago we carefully placed the china cabinet on it’s back in the bed of my pickup. We didn’t bother tying it down because it was laying down flat. We then hauled the china cabinet down the highway doing 70 miles an hour forĀ  35 miles until we got back home. When we got into the driveway we both grabbed an end, but my wife wasn’t as careful when pulling her end out. The door opened up and smacked right into the corner of the trucks open tailgate. Crash! The door glass went everywhere. The worst part was that the door glass was not 4 separate sections, but one huge piece. It was quite a mess and immediately made the china cabinet look cheap and unattractive.

china cabinet glass replacement

We were very lucky since the glass design was very basic. There were no etchings, smoke tint or frosting on the glass. In my case, I was able to go to the hardware store and by a rough fit replacement glass window and cut it to fit into the china cabinet frame. My dad used to build clocks when I was a kid, so I had watched him several times cut ornate glass for use in the clocks service doors. The big trick to cutting a piece of glass is to make sure the measurements are correct, and to not cut yourself.

a common glass cutter

But like I said, what if you need a patterned or frosted china cabinet glass replacement? Assuming you are handy with glass etching, or even think you might be able to do it, you could try it yourself. If you’re like me, you don’t have the artistic ability to recreate a frosted glass pattern with the accuracy it would take to make the job look professional. In that case you do not have much choice but to go to a glass artisan and get a piece of glass custom built.

China cabinet replacement glass costs.

So how much does it cost to get a piece of replacement glass for a china cabinet? Of course it will depend on the complexity of the etching or frost, but you could expect to pay up to $200 for such services. Is it worth it? If your china cabinet is worth a lot of money or is irreplaceable (an antique or an heirloom) then yes, the cost of the customer glass is less then the cost of a new china cabinet. If you have a cheap or second hand china cabinet that is not worth much money then I suggest that this is your big chance to upgrade to a new one. You have to weigh the benefits and the costs.

another china cabinet replacement glass

Where do I find china cabinet replacement glass.

The best place to find a piece of replacement glass is always going to be local. There are several reasons for this.

  • A local shop does not have to ship the glass to you. This saves on shipping costs and potential glass damage during shipping (unless you’re me and my wife)
  • A local shop can inspect your glass pattern in person and even make a template. This greatly increases the accuracy of the replacement.
  • You can build a better rapport with a local company, and probably come back with a better price.

It might be difficult to find an artisan close by. You may have to drive to a bigger town to find what you are looking for but the benefits are still greater then replacing all the glass or worrying if your replacement piece is going to fit or even match. Doing a search on Craigslist may be a good first look when trying to find a craftsman.

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